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2022 Championship Format

By fishing the 5 Alive Sunday Series you have the opportunity to qualify for 2 different championships.

The 5 Alive Championship will be a 2 day tournament with elimination to the 2nd day for anyone who fishes every tournament of any of the 3 trails. (Spring , Fall, or Elites) Also if you win a tournament in any of the 2022 5 Alive Sunday Series events you automatically qualify for the 5 Alive Sunday Series Championship. This will be a No Entry Fee tournament. Blast off order will be in order of points (from highest to lowest) of all three combined trails.

The Bassmaster Team Championship....We can take 1 team for every 25 that register for each trail. This is done by order of points. The fee for the Bassmaster Team Championship is 500.00. We will pay half for the Team Of The Year from each trail. This will be paid at the day 2 weigh-in.


Each of the 3 trails will have a Team of the Year. This will be decided by total points. Any tie will be decided by total weight . The Team of the Year will get all entries paid for the next season. Elites will only qualify for Elites. Spring and Fall will be next season coming up. Team of the Year will also get 250.00 paid on entry fee for the 2022 Bassmaster Team Championship tournament.

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