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Skeeter Boats, TH Marine and PowerPole Contingency Programs

Updated: Jan 12

Great news for Skeeter owners. Skeeter has revamped the Real Money Program to include matching your payout for the winners. Go check out the new Real Money Contingency for the 2023 season!!! The Lake Hartwell 5 Alive Sunday Series is proud to be a sanctioned trail with Skeeter Boats.

TH Marine on the other hand went the other way with their 2023 Contingency Program. Atlas Rewards changed the criteria for the 2023 season and has a very small list of qualified tournament trails. They totally changed the Rewards program to where you must run a Atlas jackplate to qualify for any money. The Lake Hartwell 5 Alive Sunday Series will be a sanctioned trail for TH Marine in 2023.

We are a sanctioned trail for PowerPole in 2023. Be sure to get signed up for Captains Cash Program!!

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